Kick e-scooter


Kick e-scooter - 25 km/h



Recommended public price

We are proud to present the ultimate urban e-scooter in collaboration with 8tev. This high-end offer outstands by its singular design, premium components and the zero compromise on global quality. The result: an exceptional e-scooter on every regards.

Power 500W
Watterproofing IPX6
42 km max. range


Weight 17,5 kg*

42 km max.range*

Power 500W

Wheels 12"

Battery 48V 13 Ah*

Disc brakes front and rear

Wooden deck

Watterproof IPX6

* Depends on version. 


Weight 17,5kg*

42 km max. range*

Power 500W

Wheels 12"

Front + rear disc brakes


*Depends on version

Available colors

Smart Design

Offering the best user experience lead the entire conception of B12. It’s the ultimate partner for all urbans travels. The maple deck gives you an extra-stable posture. The handles procure a felling of safety and a precise driving experienceB12 also is a very compact e-scooter, allowing itself to travel inside the trunk of many vehicles.

The structure

B12’s body is made of Chrome molybdenum steel 4130. Renowned in the bicycle industry for its light weight and strength. The impact of the bicycle industry also shows in the choice of the handles and pole. This structure contributes to the rather light weight of B12 (between 17,5 and 17,9kg depending on the version).

Panasonic cells batteries for long range

B12 is available with 3 different 48V batteries: 7,6Ah, 9,7Ah or 13 Ah offering a range between 22 and 42 km*. All different batteries are all provided with Panasonic cells.

Long-term investment

By the choice of premiums materials and component, B12 promise a long last in time. The maintenance is easy and the fixability high. Choosing B12 is choosing a reliable partner in your daily travels.

Watterproof IPX6

In conformity to the IPX6 grade, B12 can even be used on rainy days.


All three versions of B12 are equipped with Tektro disc brakes. The Roam version is even equipped with hydraulics, in order to offer more precision. According to the legislation, you will find on your B12 a front and a rear light. The 12” wheels with pneumatic tires offer a good stability on many different grounds.



 48V 7,6Ah Battery

Max. range 22km**

Mecanical disc brakes 

Weight: 17,5 kg

Recommended public price: 1490



48V 9,7Ah Battery

Max. range 31km**

Mecanical disc brakes 

Weight:  17,7kg

Recommended public price: 1649



48V 13Ah Battery

Max; range 42km**

Hydraulic disc brakes

Weight: 17,9kg

Recommended public price : 1949


**theoretical constructor autonomy under optimal conditions of use. May vary according to circumstances.

** Caution: IPX6 does not provide for product immersion.