Halo City

Electric scooter - Onemile

Halo City

Electric scooter - Onemile


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This foldable e-scooter with road-approved saddle is simply the most compact e-scooter on the market. Halo City has been made to measure after 3 years of research and development followed by patent applications. These efforts have been rewarded with awards, including 1st prize in the Red Dot Design Award, category “Best of the best” in 2017. This distinction had never been awarded for a vehicle of this kind before.

Its structure, designed using a 3D mould, is seamless. Everything has been thought out to make the e-scooter robust, light and easy to use. Made of noble materials, it combines robustness and lightness and incorporates all the latest technologies for maximum quality.

Power 300W
Max. speed 25 km/h
2 years warranty


Weight 16 KG

Range: up to 35km

Power 300W

10 inch inflatable tyre

Battery 36V 8,7Ah

Disc brakes

Max. load 110 KG

Road approved


Weight 16KG

Range: up to 35km

Power 300W

10 inch inflatable tyre

Disc brakes

Road approved EEC

Available colours:

Compact and lightweight

This scooter is so compact that it fits into the boot of even the smallest city car without any problem. With its dimensions of 102 x 24 x 38 cm when folded, Halo City can be taken anywhere. In the boot of a Smart car, but also in a motor home or boat. There is simply no limit to its use.  Halo City is easy to pull out with the handle on the fork. This electric boat lift weighs only 16.5kg.


Comfortable and safe

Halo City is equipped with an innovative LED-based lighting system integrated around the halo-shaped handlebars.  The SAMSUNG cell battery recharges in 4 hours for a range of 25 to 35 km.

Halo City is equipped with a USB socket allowing to recharge a smartphone while using the e-scooter. The saddle has been co-developed with SELLE ROYAL to provide the most appropriate design for Halo City and has an innovative shock absorber in its stem. A silicon layer covers the saddle for better comfort.

Carbon, Magnesium, Aluminium Robustness and quality

The main Halo City structure is designed in which the aluminium is cast in a single block.

RESULT: no welding. The absence of die-casting means that all the mechanical properties of the metals used are retained.

Carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium make the e-scooter very light while complying with the very strict European standards. The front and rear wheels are equipped with a disc brake system to ensure good braking in all weather conditions.


• Riding an electric scooter is fun and fast, but it also implies respecting certain rules.

• Scooters with a seat (Category L1e), depend on the moped legislation, European EEC standard.

• This standard is necessary to be able to use your e-scooter legally. It allows you to circulate freely everywhere just like a motorbike. It is also a guarantee of product quality. 

• On the other hand, the happy owner of the scooter is naturally obliged to respect a certain number of criteria such as : 

• The establishment of a vehicle registration document, registration, taking out an insurance policy and holding an AM licence (ex BSR, road safety certificate), except if he was born before 1 January 1988.

• In France, the user of an electric scooter must also wear a moped-approved helmet and reinforced gloves.

• Finally, since e-scooters are considered as mopeds, their use is limited to the same “playgrounds”. In fact, conventional cycle tracks are not authorised for e-scooters.